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Treasures on The Bay in North Bay Village, Miami;Job valued $3,000,000.00

Project consisted of (3) 500 ton cooling towers (1) 300ton chiller (2) lOOton 100% outside air units (175) 3.5ton heat pump units, and (275) chilled water fan coil units.

Park Summit, Coral Springs, Florida; Job valued $3,300,000.00

Project consisted of installation of (350) chilled water fan coil units and 12,000 ft of pipe insulation

Westin Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Job valued $600,000.00

Project consisted of (2) 350ton chillers, (2) 600ton cooling tower, upgrade smoke evacuation system

Rapallo South, West Palm Beach, Florida; Job valued $180,000.00

Project consisted of lifting existing chiller and pouring a new concrete pad, installing new spring isolators, replacing existing condenser water pumps and pads, pour (2) new 30" concrete pads, installing (2) new pump assemblies, installing (2) new frequency drives.

University of Miami Bank United Center, Miami, Florida; $350,000.00

Project consisted of replacing (3) 1200 ton cooling towers while building stay in operation.